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From Johannes Weissensel <>
Subject help for designing a cassandra
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2010 18:13:01 GMT
Hi everyone,
i am new to nosql databases and especially column-oriented Databases
like cassandra.
I am a student on information-systems and i evaluate a fitting no-sql
database for a web analytics system. Got the use-case of data like
in an RDBMS it would be for every hit a row in the database, and than
endless grouping and counting on the data for getting the metrics you
Is there anyone who has experiences with data like that in hypertable,
how should i design the database?
Also for every hit a single row, or maybe for every session an
aggregated version of the data, or for every day and every page a
single aggregated version.
Maybe some has an idea, how to design the database? Just like an
typical not normalized sql database?
Hope you have some ideas :)

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