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From Atul Gosain <>
Subject Hector Client Failover errors
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2010 10:53:15 GMT
I am trying to insert the data using hector client. Using only one host in
the pool ie. localhost. like as follows
            CassandraClientPool pool =
            client = pool.borrowClient("localhost", 9160);
            global = client.getKeyspace(keyspace, ConsistencyLevel.ONE);

After some(5-6) iterations of insertions of data (every 5 min insertion of
about 40 MB of data), the program starts emitting this

10/06/27 09:55:28 WARN service.FailoverOperator: Got a TTransportException
from localhost. Num of retries: 1
10/06/27 09:55:28 INFO service.FailoverOperator: Skipping to next host.
Current host is: localhost
10/06/27 09:55:28 INFO service.FailoverOperator: Skipped host. New host is:

I couldnt understand the reason for this, when im using only device in the
pool. If i remove the ConsistencyLevel.ONE, then the error starts from the
first iteration itself.

The same program through Thrift runs without any problems. Actually, i just
modified the thrift program and replaced the calls to thrift api to
corresponding Hector calls.


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