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From Lucas Di Pentima <>
Subject Re: Cassandra won't start after node crash
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 19:18:48 GMT

El 09/06/2010, a las 04:31, Peter Schuller escribió:

>> I've had a server crash
> As jbellis points out there may be hardware issues, but if, in
> particular, the crash in question was a power outage a very common
> problem is running on a system which does not honor write barriers.
> Was it a power outage?

It was a server crash, this Cassandra instance is running (for internal testing purposes)
on a VPS, and its host crashed completely as my service provider told me. I suppose that if
I was running a 2-node cluster with a RF=2 this wouldn't be an issue of course, as soon as
the 2 nodes were on different hosts :-)

As an exercise I'll try Jonathan's advice.

Thanks guys!
Lucas Di Pentima - Santa Fe, Argentina

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