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From Andrew Psaltis <>
Subject Cassandra Health Monitoring
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 20:41:17 GMT
We have been working through some operations scenarios, so that we are ready to deploy our
first Cassandra cluster into production  in the coming months. During this process our operations
folks have asked us to provide a Health Check service. I am using the word service here very
liberally - really we just need to provide a way for the folks in out NOC to know that not
only is the Cassandra process running (which they will get with their monitoring tools ),
but that it is actually alive and well. We do not have the intent of verifying that the data
is valid, just that every node in the cluster that is known to be running is actually alive
and healthy. My questions are - What does it mean for a Cassandra node to be healthy?  What
is the minimum (from an impact to the performance of a node) things we can check to make sure
that a node is not a zombie?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated.


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