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From Eric Halpern <>
Subject Nodes dropping out of cluster due to GC
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 23:20:40 GMT


We're running a 4 node cluster on beefy EC2 virtual instances (8 core, 32
GB) using EBS storage with 8 GB of heap allocated to the JVM.

Every couple of hours, each of the nodes does a concurrent mark/sweep that
takes around 30 seconds to complete.  During that GC, the node temporarily
drops out of the cluster, usually for about 15 seconds.

The frequency of the concurrent mark sweeps seems reasonable, but the fact
that the node drops out of the cluster temporarily is a major problem since
this has significant impact on the performance and stability of our service.

Has anyone experienced this sort of problem?  It would be great to hear from
anyone who has had experience with this sort of issue and/or suggestions for
how to deal with it.

Thanks, Eric  
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