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From Jonathan Shook <>
Subject Re: replacing columns via remove and insert
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 16:36:07 GMT
I found the issue. Timestamp ordering was broken because:
I generated a timestamp for the group of operations. Then, I used
hector's remove, which generates its own internal timestamp.
I then re-used the timestamp, not wary of the missing timestamp field
on the remove operation.

The fix was to simply regenerate my timestamp after any hector
operation which generates its own.

In my case, hector generates it's own internal timestamp for removes,
but not other operations. Until the timestamp resolution is better
than milliseconds, it's very possible to end up with the same
timestamp for tightly grouped operations, which may lead to unexpected
behavior. I've submitted a request to simplify this.

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 5:03 PM, Jonathan Shook <> wrote:
> When I try to replace a set of columns, like this:
> 1) remove all columns under a CF/row
> 2) batch insert columns into the same CF/row
> .. the columns cease to exist.
> Is this expected?
> This is just across 2 nodes with Replication Factor 2 and Consistency
> Level QUOROM.

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