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From CleverCross | Falk Wolsky <>
Subject Search Sample and Relation question because UDDI as Key
Date Sun, 02 May 2010 21:33:44 GMT

1) Can you provide a solution or a sample for searching (Column and SuperColumn) (Fulltext).
What is the Way to realize this? Hadoop/MapReduce? See you a posibility to build/use a index
for columns?

Why this: In a given Data-Model we "must" use UUIDs as Key and have actually no chance to
seach values from "Columns"? (or not?)

2) How can we realize a "relation"

For Sample: (
Arin describes good a simple Data-Model to build a Blog. But how can we read (filter) all
Posts from "BlogEntries" from a single Autor? 
(filter the Supercolumns by a culum inside of a SuperColumn)

The "relation" for Sample is Autor -> BlogEntries...
To filter the Datas there is a needing to specify in a "get(...)"-Function a Column/Value

I know well that cassandra is not a "relational Database"! But without these releations the
usage is very "limited" (specialized)

Thanks in Advance! - and thx for Cassandra!
With Hector i build a (Apache)Cocoon-Transformer...

With Kind Regards,
Falk Wolsky

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