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From Leslie Viljoen <>
Subject Terminology, getting slices by time
Date Wed, 12 May 2010 11:58:58 GMT

I am having trouble understanding the "column" terminology Cassandra
uses. I am developing in Ruby. I need to store data for vehicles which
will come in at different times and retrieve data for a specific
vehicle for specific slices of time. So each record could look like:

vehicle_id, { time => { 'sensor1' => 1000, 'sensor2' => 2000 } }

The actual insert:

@cas.insert(:ReportData, vehicle_id.to_s, { => {
'sensor1' => 1000, 'sensor' => 2000 }})

The model:

<Keyspace Name="SensorMonitor">
         <ColumnFamily Name="SensorData" CompareWith="TimeUUIDType"
CompareSubcolumnsWith="UTF8Type" ColumnType="Super"></ColumnFamily>

I am trying to store this with a supercolumn. Can someone tell me:

1. Are "sensor1" and "sensor2" columns?
2. Is "time" a supercolumn?
3. Where is the "subcolumn"?
4. Which item would "CompareWith" refer to?
5. Which item would "CompareSubcolumnsWith" refer to?

Also, about time:
1. To store "time", must I use as above?
2. Isn't a time key redundant? Can Cassandra return slices based on
the time it keeps for each record?
3. How do I get a time slice for a vehicle? I get various generic
"application" errors when trying to use get_range to get time ranges.
4. Any advice on this data model?

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