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From Ran Tavory <>
Subject setcachecapacity is forgotten
Date Mon, 24 May 2010 12:14:18 GMT
I use nodetool to set cache capacity on a certain node but the settings are
"forgotten" after a few minutes.

I run:
$ nodetool -h localhost -p 9004 setcachecapacity outbrain_kvdb KvImpressions
10000000 1000000

And then run nodetool cfstats immediately after and the settings are
effective, I see the correct cache settings.

However, after a few minutes, and I'm not sure what the trigger really is,
the settings are forgotten and the host returns to the cache settings it had
read when it was booted.
I even updated storage-config,xml thinking maybe the server re-reads the
value from the actual file, but as it seems, it looks like it's reading
values stored in its memory when booted.
Of course I can just restart the server so values from the file will take
effect, but I don't want to start with a cold cache again, I want to
increase cache size while it's hot.

...or am I using the tool incorrectly?
I'm setting the cache capacity for only one host in the ring, not all hosts.


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