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From Valerio Schiavoni <>
Subject Re: real-world dataset from social network?
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 19:57:21 GMT

It's unclear if you're looking for data that can be stored in Cassandra or
> an example of someone using Cassandra to store a network; I'm assuming the
> former.

You're assuming incorrectly. I'm looking an example of someone using
Cassandra to store a graph.

> You will have a hard time finding a social network dataset with
> relationships already well-defined for free.  I have seen crawls of Twitter
> before, but IIRC they go for thousands (in USD).

There are free dumps of Twitter datasets (

>From there, I should somehow 'reverse engineer' those datas to store them in
cassandra as they were originally stored.

I could synthesize fake datas, store them in cassandra (or similar) and from
there continue. But the results would be less attracting than similar ones
originated by real datas.

thanks for the suggestions.

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