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From Valerio Schiavoni <>
Subject Re: real-world dataset from social network?
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 17:09:28 GMT
Not strictly Facebook.
Any online social network is ok to me, as long as it has a reasonable number
of users and that it's built on top of a schema-less storage system.

Are you looking for Facebook stuff? Good luck on getting a data set from any
> real world model.
> Hello everyone,
>> i'm a phd student looking for some real-world dataset of any social
>> networks built on top of some schema-less storage system.
>> The dataset should at least provide a mean to reconstruct the graph of
>> users.
>> Due to possible sensible informations in the dataset, the dataset can be
>> very possibly anonymized if required, it's not important for my research.
>> Someone on #cassandra provided some dataset of reddit votes :
>> .
>> This dataset is interesting, but it doesn't provide informations about the
>> graph of users.

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