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From Ronald Park <>
Subject nodetool causing OOM?
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 19:44:00 GMT

We are getting our feet wet with Cassandra and have a test environment 
set up to do some heavy data insertion. [Heavy is relative: we are 
talking about 1M inserts in a 3 hours test.

Twice while running these tests, when we've tried to use 'nodetool' 
about an hour or so into the test, to run a command like 'info' or 
'tpstats' and the Cassandra node we attached to raised OOM error.

Now, the timing might just be coincidental the first time this happened, 
but after the second time, we're a bit suspicious. :)

Could it be that, because we hadn't run nodetool until well into the 
test run (like after 300-500K inserts)?  Would running nodetool near the 
start of the test instantiate some objects on the heap while there's 
plenty of memory and avoid the problem?

Or is it just because we're using mostly default settings in 
storage-conf.xml that aren't expected to work for tests of this size?

Thanks for any info,

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