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From Kartal Guner <>
Subject data model and queries.
Date Sun, 23 May 2010 10:04:04 GMT
I am trying to find out if Cassandra will fill my needs.


I have a data model similar to below.


Users = {


                user1 = {
//Key for Users ColumnFamily


                                message1 = {

                                                text: hello

                                                type: html

                                                rating: 88









Imagine there can be billions of users and hundreds of thousands of messages
per user.


After a message entry it will not be updated.

I want to do queries such as:

* Get all messages for user1 with type = HTML 

* Get top 100 message for user1, order by rating.



1) Is this possible with cassandra?

2) Do I have the right datamodel? Can it be optimized?

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