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From Lucifer Dignified <>
Subject concept to query cassandra
Date Sun, 11 Apr 2010 07:59:34 GMT

I've been thinking of using cassandra for our existing application, which
has a very complex RDBMS schema as of now, and we need to make a lot of
queries using joins and where.
Whereas we can eliminate joins by using duplicate entries, its still hard to
query cassandra. I have thought of a way of doing it. I dont know how good
it. My idea is as :

For a very simple query wherin we need to check username and password  I
think keeping incremental numeric id as key and keeping the name and value
same in the column family should work.

Example :
User1 has password as 123456

Cassandra structure :

1 as key
           user1 - column name
           value - user1
           123456 - column name
            value - 123456

I m thinking of doing it this way for my applicaton, this way i can run
different sorts of queries too, using get_slice and other functions. Any
feedback on this is welcome.

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