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From Paul Prescod <>
Subject Is this sentence slightly inaccurate
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 22:13:05 GMT
"With OrderPreservingPartitioner the keys themselves are used to place
on the ring. One of the potential drawbacks of this approach is that
if rows are inserted with sequential keys, all the write load will go
to the same node."

Wouldn't the "insertion point" tend to be replicated on more than one
node in most configurations? Does every "insertion point" exist on a
single "primary" machine or are writes load-balanced to
ReplicationFactor nodes? I presume that writes can fail-over, so I
cannot see why they could not be load balanced.


Also: Dominic Williams says that one of the advantages of the
OrderPreservingPartitioner is: "3. If you screw up, you can scan over
your data to recover/delete orphaned keys"

Does anyone know off the top of their head what he might have meant by that?


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