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From Miguel Verde <>
Subject Re: Should I use Cassandra for general purpose DB?
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2010 18:11:56 GMT
On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 12:56 PM, Soichi Hayashi <>wrote:

> So, I am interested in using Cassandra not because of large amount of data,
> but because of following reasons.
> 1) It's easy to administrate and handle fail-over (and scale, of course)
> 2) Easy to write an application that makes sense to developers (Developers'
> fully in control of how data is orchestrated - indexed, queried, etc..)
> 3) Easy to expand an application to some extend - as long as changes only
> applies to adding /removing new column (not column family..)
> Are these good enough reasons to start experimenting with Cassandra as a
> general purpose data store? Or Cassandra, or any NOSQL solution really makes
> no sense if you don't have or expect to have TB of data?
You don't need a good reason to experiment, go for it!  Those are all
accurate points in Cassandra's favor. There are many potential arguments
about actually adopting such a solution for production use, but personally
if I didn't have or foresee scalability or availability problems Cassandra
would not be my choice.

> For bullet 3) above.. If I have 100 nodes that runs Cassandra, and want to
> add a new table (..ColumnFamily) does that mean I have to update storage.xml
> on all 100 nodes and restart them?

Currently, yes.  You can do a rolling restart, so the cluster remains up the
whole time, but the nodes would need to be restarted.  However, 0.7 will
include (live schema
updates), and this problem will finally go away.

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