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From Jonathan Ellis <>
Subject Re: Very new user needs some troubleshooting pointers
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2010 15:34:55 GMT
A single-threaded test is meaningless.  You need a multithreaded (or
multiprocess) benchmark like the one in contrib/py_stress.

Picture worth 1000 words:

On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 3:59 PM, Heath Oderman <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm brand new to Cassandra and know absolutely nothing, so please forgive me
> in advance.
> A friend and I have each setup a few Cassandra stand alone nodes, completely
> default.
> His: Mac OSX Snow Leopard
>      Mac Book Pro
>      Intel Duo Core
>      4GB Ram
>      5400 rpm disk
> Mine: debian 5.x (lenny) with the deb pack from
>      2  Desktops
>      Intel duo core
>      4GB ram
>      7200 sata drives
>     1 blade
>      8gb ram
>      10000 rpm disk
>      dual xeon
>     (i have a windows box too like the 2 desktops)
>     (each of those machines is stand alone)
> My debian boxes are brand new installs, nothing else running, purely console
> environments, only SSH & Cassandra installed.
> The Cassandra configs are the *default configs* with only 'ListenAddress'
> and 'ThriftAddress' changed to the ext ip for those boxes.
> We generated a C# library with Thrift to connect to these servers.  We wrote
> a simple c# app that loops 10,000 times and does a
>          _client.batch_insert(_keyspace, map.Key.GetValue(o,
> null).ToString(), dict, ConsistencyLevel.ONE);
> "batch_insert" I guess is the key bit up there.
> The reason that I'm writing is that the batch_insert call takes 400,000
> ticks every time it is called when running against the debian boxes.  Any of
> them.
> The result is that 10,000 inserts against his machine takes about 30
> seconds, and it takes about 1 min 45 seconds against any of my servers.
>  (longer against the windows 7 server.)
> The MacBookPro is faster while I would expect to be slower.  (the macbook
> pro is his laptop and he's running mail and all kinds of other stuff
> simultaneously.)
> I'm on a gigabit network, iostat / top / bmon all show that the Cassandra
> server isn't working very hard.
> Performance mon on my windows client show my computer running the loop is
> hardly working.
> I am writing to you to ask where I might go to get information on comparing
> the environments, improving my performance, etc.  I've been googling all day
> and haven't been able to figure anything out.
> If this is the wrong forum, sorry!
> Thanks for any help/suggestions you might have.
> Stu

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