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From Schubert Zhang <>
Subject Re: newbie question on how columns names are indexed/lucene limitations?
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2010 14:22:46 GMT
The column index in a row is a sorted-blocked index (like b-tree), just like

On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 2:43 AM, Stu Hood <> wrote:

> The indexes within rows are _not_ implemented with Lucene: there is a
> custom index structure that allows for random access within a row. But, you
> should probably read understand
the current limitations of the file format, some of which are
> scheduled to be fixed soon.
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> From: "TuX RaceR" <>
> Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2010 11:54am
> To:
> Subject: newbie question on how columns names are indexed/lucene
> limitations?
> Hello Cassandra Users,
> When use the RandomPartinionner and a simple ColumnFamily/Columns (i.e.
> no SuperColumns) my understanding is that one signle Row can store
> millions of columns.
> If I look at the, I understand that
> I can get a subset of the millions of columns defined above using:
> SlicePredicate->ColumnNames or SlicePredicate->SliceRange
> My question is about the implementation of this columns 'selection'.
> I vaguely remember reading somewhere (but I cannot find the link again)
> that this was implemented using a Lucene index over the column names for
> each row.
> Is that true? Is there a small lucene index per row?
> Also we know from that lucene have some limitations
> : you
> cannot index more than 2.1 billions documents as a document ID is mapped
> to a 32 bits int.
> As I plan to store in column names the ID of my cassandra documents (the
> global number of documents can go well beyond 2.1 billions), will I be
> hit by the lucene limitations? I.e can I store cassandra documents ID
> (i.e keys) in column names, if in each individual row there are no more
> than few millions of those IDs? I guess the answer is "yes I can",
> because lucandra uses a similar schema but it is not clear for me why.
> Is that because the lucene index is made on each row and what really
> matters in the number of columns in one single row and not the number of
> distinct column names (globally over all the rows)?
> Thanks in advance
> TuX

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