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From Jonathan Shook <>
Subject Storage Layout Questions
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2010 21:24:58 GMT
I'm trying to model a one-to-many set of data in which both sides of the
relation may grow arbitrarily large.
There are arbitrarily many FOOs. For each FOO, there are arbitrarily many
Both types are modeled as an object, containing multiple fields (columns) in
the application.
Given a key-addressable FOO element, I'd like to be able to do range access
operations on the associated BARs according to their temporal names.

I wish to avoid:
1) using a super column to nest the temporal ids (or column names) within a
row of the primary key,
     due to the memory-based limitations of super column deserialization.
(and implicit compute costs that go with it)
2) keeping a separate map between the FOO type and the BAR type.
3) serializing all BAR types into the value field of each FOO-keyed,
BAR-named column.

Were the super column addressing more scalable, I'd see it as a natural fit.
Does anybody have an elegant solution to this which I am overlooking? In the
absence of ideas, I'd like some feedback on the trade-offs of the above


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