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From Todd Nine <>
Subject Questions regarding network topography and automated adminstration
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2010 22:49:02 GMT
Hi all,
  First off, thanks for putting out such a great product and documentation.
 I had a node up and running on CentOs in 10 minutes, and had our C# app
communicating with it in 10 more!

Now that I have basic prototyping working, I have a few networking and data
center configurations.  We will be installing our systems in 2 data centres.
 One will be in the US, the second will be in New Zealand or Australia.
Our system processes data from a satellite network.  The data will be sent
to the data centre that the user is closest to.  North American and EU
customers to the US, and all others will go to the NZ/AU servers.

I want the data that is written from the different partitioned processing
nodes (our c# app servers) to be available in both data centres.  I'm
assuming I would need an equal number of nodes at each data centre, then use
the RackAwareStrategy so that data is replicated across both locations.
 Both locations would need the same cluster name, is this correct?

Is there a way to secure the communication between data centres?  Given that
they will be on different sides of the world, I can't guarantee a secure
channel between them.

How is authorization of a new node in a cluster accomplished (if possible)?
 Is it currently done via firewall and cluster IPs, or can that be managed
in Cassandra internally?

Is there any sort of management interface for deploying nodes and
configuring peers?

For ease of administration if I have 10 nodes or more, can I have 2 peer IP
address per node in it's configuration, and deploy the nodes in overlapping
groups of 3?  I'm assuming once a node connects to another, it automatically
receives all node information about the cluster, is this correct?

Last, are there any tools out there that allow user data mining?  We'll
obviously need to document how our application persists data well so that
external applications can read the data.  Our sales and accounting teams use
our current MS SQL system to perform some data mining via SQL.  Giving them
an interface to allow them to query data (in any query language) is a must
for our migration.

Thanks in advance,


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