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From David Boxenhorn <>
Subject New user asking for advice on database design
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 06:50:41 GMT
Hi guys! I'm brand new to Cassandara, and I'm working on a database design.
I don't necessarily know all the advantages/limitations of Cassandra, so I'm
not sure that I'm doing it right...

It seems to me that I can divide my database into two parts:

1. The (mostly) normal data, where every piece of data appears only once (I
say "mostly" because I think I need reverse indexes for delete... and once
it's there, other things).

2. The indexes, which I use for queries.


1. Is the above a good architecture?
2. Would there be an advantage to putting the two parts of the database in
different keyspaces? I expect the indexes to change every once in a while as
my querying needs progress, but the normal database won't change unless I
made a mistake.

Any other advice?

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