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From Michael Pearson <>
Subject Re: Best PHP client
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 06:58:39 GMT
> AsĀ  said by Jonathan, SimpleCassie and Pandra are both based on Thrift.. I
> think a Cassandra upgrade will require an upgrade of Thrift classes of high
> level clients too. Am I right ?

This is right but impact on these libraries isn't significant unless a
Thrift API dependency is quickly deprecated.  SimpleCassie, Pandra,
phpcassa, David's Cassandra module etc. still let you grab a Cassandra
Client and call a regenerated cassandra.thfift API directly until the
new methods are abstracted in the libraries, if at all.  Filling
feature gaps in the clients isn't a lot of effort for the authors,
that's be beauty of Thrift.


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