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From tsuraan <>
Subject Concurrent SuperColumn update question
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 16:34:39 GMT
Suppose I have a SuperColumn CF where one of the SuperColumns in each
row is being treated as a list (e.g. keys only, values are just
empty).  In this list, values will only ever be added; deletion never
occurs.  If I have two processes simultaneously add values to this
list (on different nodes, whatever), is that guaranteed to be safe
from race conditions?  The timestamp is on the actual entries in the
SuperColumn, not on the row that contains those entries, right?  Or am
I wrong, and the last update to the row will overwrite a previous
update to the row?

Also, in a scheme like this, is there a limit on the number of entries
I can have in my "list"?  I know that compaction normally needs to
read an entire row into RAM in order to compact it.  Does this also
apply to SuperColumn columns?

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