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From philip andrew <>
Subject How to model 2D data in Cassandra?
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2010 12:14:30 GMT

Lets say I wanted to store 2 dimensional data in the database, each object
has a X and Y location in a very large space.

I want to query Cassandra for all objects within a rectangle.

My understanding is that my objects can only be indexed by one key, one key
for each single object in my table. The key can be string or number or time,
which is supported by the index.

So I guess I could find all objects in the range of 500<x<510 if x is my
key. Also if I had another table with y as the key, then I could find all
objects with 800<y<810 range, then bring them into my program and search
through them to find the intersection of both conditions for those objects.

Am I miss-understanding anything?

Thanks! Philip

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