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From Robert <>
Subject Super and Regular Columns
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2010 20:32:37 GMT
I am starting out with Cassandra and I had a couple of questions, I read a
lot of the documentation including:

First I wanted to make sure I understand this bug:

Borrowing from the the example provided in that article, would an example
subcolumn be 'friend1' or 'street'?

AddressBook = { // this is a ColumnFamily of type Super
    phatduckk: {    // this is the key to this row inside the Super CF
        friend1: {street: "8th street", zip: "90210", city: "Beverley
Hills", state: "CA"},
    }, // end row
    ieure: {     // this is the key to another row in the Super CF
        // all the address book entries for ieure
        joey: {street: "A ave", zip: "55485", city: "Hell", state: "NV"},
        William: {street: "Armpit Dr", zip: "93301", city:
"Bakersfield", state: "CA"},

Second, for a one to many map where ordering is not important what are
the tradeoffs between these two options?

A. Use a ColumnFamily where the key maps to an item id, and in each
row each column is one of the items it is mapped to?

B. Use SuperColumnFamily where each key is an item id, and each column
(are these the right terms?) is one of the items it is mapped to, and
the value is essentially empty?

Robert Scott

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