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From Dominique De Vito <>
Subject Cassandra use cases: as a datagrid ? as a distributed cache ?
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2010 14:04:40 GMT


Cassandra comes closer and closer to a data grid like Oracle Coherence: 
Cassandra includes distributed "hash maps", partitioning, high 
availability, map/reduce processing, (some) request capability, etc.

So, I am wondering about the 2 following (and possible ?) Cassandra's 
use cases :

(1) has anyone already used Cassandra as an in-memory data grid ?
If no, does anyone know how far such a database is from, let's say, 
Oracle Coherence ?
Does Cassandra provide, for example, a (synchronized) cache on the 
client side ?

(2) has anyone already used Cassandra as a distributed cache ?
Are there some testimonials somewhere about this use case ?

Thanks for your help.


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