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From Lucas Di Pentima <>
Subject Just starting to play with Cassandra: (Surely) Dumb Question
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2010 00:13:27 GMT
Hello all,

I'm playing with Cassandra 0.6.0-rc1 on a MacOSX, with the 'cassandra' ruby gem.

I load some test data to it and I was trying the gem's get() API when I realized that if I
call it some way like this:

db.get('SomeSCFName', 'SomeKey')

It returned me only 100 subcolumns when 'SomeKey' has approx 150000 subcolumns. Next I tried
calling get() like this:

db.get('SomeSFCName', 'SomeKey', :count => N)

My problem is that when N is a number higher than 50000 (approximately), I get the following

Thrift::TransportException: Socket: Timed out reading 4096 bytes from

The same happens if I call:

db.count_columns('SomeSCFName', 'SomeKey')

...on the same 'SomeKey', but if I call count_columns() with some other key that holds less
columns, it works without problems.

My setup is:

* Cassandra 0.6.0-rc1 downloaded from the website, with all default configurations
* Ruby 1.8.7
* Cassandra gem 0.8.1
* MacOSX 1.6.3

Any help will be appreciated!

Lucas Di Pentima - Santa Fe, Argentina

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