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From Daniel Kluesing>
Subject GC options
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 22:51:20 GMT
Has anyone done any tuning on the jvm gc options or are the options included in bin/
basically the best choice? 

I'm working on getting our latency as consistent as possible, and the gc likes to kick off
60+ms periods of unavailability for a node, which for my application leads to a reasonable
number of timed out requests. Outside of the gc event, we get good responses. 

I'm happy with reduced throughput for shorter pauses, so I'm going to do the standard jvm
gc tuning guide[0] for short pauses, curious if anyone else has gone down this path and gotten
gc pauses consistent and low or if what's in bin/ is basically the best I should
expect. (Anyone tried jrockit?)


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