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From "Bingbing Liu" <>
Subject why the sum of all the nodes' loads is much bigger than the size of the inserted data?
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2010 07:24:09 GMT
i insert 500,000,000 rows each of which has a key of 20 bytes and a column of 110 bytes.

and the repilcationfactor is set to 3, so i expect the load of the cluster should be 0.5 billion
* 130 * 3 = 195 G bytes.

but in the fact the load i get through "nodetool -h localhost ring" is about 443G.

i think there is some other additional datas such as index , checksum ,and the column name
be stored.

but am i right ? is that all ?  why the difference is so big ?

hope i have explained my problem clearly 


Bingbing Liu 

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