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From Paul Brown <>
Subject Odd/incorrect getSlice behavior with 0.6.0rc1
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 00:25:40 GMT

I have a column family the column names are ISO dates, e.g., "20100405" or "20100331", and
the comparison is set to UTF8String.  I have a unit test that spins up a Cassandra instance,
inserts a few records, and then tries to a reverse traversal of a row by querying with an
upper bound of <empty> initially and then yesterday for the previously pulled column.

That said, I'm getting unexpected behavior: the initial query with the open right endpoint
succeeds and pulls the last column for the row, but then it starts doing unexpected things.
 For the second element, the predicate passed to get slice contains a range with an open left
bound (zero-element byte array for start) and a closed right bound of "20100406" with true
specified for "reversed" and a fetch size of 1, but it still returns the column for "20100407".

Bug?  Misconception on my part?

-- Paul
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