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From "Dop Sun" <>
Subject How many KeySpace will you use in a single application?
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2010 04:17:33 GMT
Hi, a question troubles me now: how many KeySpaces one application is better
to use?


The question is coming out since 0.6, Cassandra introduced a new API named
as "login", which is done against a specific keySpace. Thanks to the
org.apache.cassandra.auth.AllowAllAuthenticator, the old version clients can
still work without authentication.


Actually, while I'm working with the previous version, I just take the
KeySpace as another level of the whole structure, KeySpace - ColumnFamily -
Super Column (optional) - Column - Value.  And consider the whole Cassandra
cluster as the root of all these, and one application controls everything
under this cluster.


Now, looks like I need to re-think this and put the KeySpace as a kind of
root. It may be better to make one application only takes one KeySpace (a
silly question? Since all old time, one application usually uses only one
database, but forgive me, I may abuses the flexibility of Cassandra.)? Is
there any pros or cons to user multiple key spaces vs. single key spaces,
other than the authentication requirements?


Can anyone give me some suggestions on this?



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