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From "Raymond Wilson" <>
Subject Re: Generated code for csharp thrift interface for Cassandra
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 07:01:35 GMT
I agree, producing a Delphi generator would be preferable, and may be the end result in any
case. There are some issues with this, such as the fact the compiled generator program apparently
does not run on Windows (is there a prebuilt version of this that can be downloaded)? Not
having generics in the version of Delphi I'm using complicates matters a little too. 

I'm also at the very start of looking at Cassandra and have been having trouble seeing how
the RPC calls being made in client code map to the raw Thrift API (which is part of the reason
for my interest in the csharp generated code). 

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From: Jonathan Ellis <>
To: <>
Sent: Thu Mar 25 16:47:21 2010
Subject: Re: Generated code for csharp thrift interface for Cassandra

You really want to write a Thrift Delphi generator, rather than
porting the generated code directly.

The generated Java code for Cassandra is almost 30000 loc.  The java
Thrift generator is 3700.  (The csharp generator is 1700, probably
mostly due to not having to deal with checked exceptions, and java
getting new features like unions first.)

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 10:28 PM, Raymond Wilson
<> wrote:
> I am looking implementing support for talking to Cassandra from within a
> piece of software written in Delphi .
> For reference purposes, the generated csharp code for the Cassandra Thrift
> API would be very useful.
> Does anyone on the list have this generated code they could send my way?
> Thanks,
> Raymond.
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