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From Ted Zlatanov <>
Subject Net::Cassandra::Easy Perl interface (with CLI) 0.08
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2010 20:15:01 GMT
You can find version 0.08 of the Net::Cassandra::Easy Perl module at:

This version comes with, a command-line interface that
supports tab-completion.  It's not finished (no docs yet, that's a TODO)
but in its current form it will:

- autocomplete command name

- autocomplete family name

- autocomplete key name (when possible, this is a TODO)

- autocomplete supercolumn name

- parse and insert LongTypes correctly for autocompletion and elsewhere

- limit gets to 100 or less

- doesn't handle commas or spaces in names (TODO)

- doesn't handle non-Super CFs (TODO)

The Long autocompletion is clever: given "100" it will generate ranges
of 1000 to 1009, 10000 to 10099, etc. so you'll get back the
supercolumns that start with "100" in decimal.

Examples of queries:

ins Super1 testrow testcolumn key1=value1 # insert supercolumn "testcolumn" with some data

get Super1 testrow testcolumn,-2          # get testcolumn and the last 2 SCs (prints in a
parseable format)

del Super1 testrow testcolumn             # delete testcolumn

keys Super1                               # get the keys

desc                                      # describe the keyspace

The queries can also be passed from the command line, e.g.

./ -server myserver -port 9160 -keyspace Keyspace1 'query1' 'query2'

I'm using it internally but thought perhaps it will be useful to others.
The autocompletion is especially handy.


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