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From Eric Florenzano <>
Subject Re: Storing lots of data as Columns in a Column Family (ref Twissandra)
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 02:41:20 GMT
> The rows could be named and partitioned by date/time, which can be known in
> advance.  For example, '!public!20100318' could contain the public timeline
> for that day.

Yes, I thought of doing this.  Then I realized there'd be boundary cases, on
the start of a new day, where it'd be best to query for both the new day and
the old one.  In the end, since I wanted the project to be simpler to
understand, I decided to keep the simpler approach.

Perhaps I will add a comment noting that this isn't a particularly scalable
solution, and suggest the day barrier.

Also if my understanding is correct, CASSANDRA-674 will help alleviate
(although it won't solve) the problem.


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