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From David Strauss <>
Subject Re: Poor performance; PHP & Thrift to blame
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 13:03:59 GMT
On 2010-03-30 12:51, yaw wrote:
> I have seen your guide at
> I use  Cassandra with a PHP client ..
> Until now, I am using Thrift PHP classes that I found into Pandra
> project (high level PHP client) as I was unable to install or build
> thrift compiler on my old Etch Debian OS.

You pretty much have to if you want to generate a Thrift client
supporting the right API for the version of Cassandra you're running. If
it's too hard to generate on your Etch machine, spin up a VM (locally or
on some cloud) and do it on there. The generated PHP client is
completely portable as long as it's used against the same Cassandra
server version.

> I can not found native PHP extension you are speaking about... I don't
> understand if this extension can replace PHP classes that are generated 
> with thrift compiler

The generated Thrift client automatically makes use of the PHP
extension, if available, for certain small, computationally intense
portions of the code. You have to use TBinaryProtocolAccelerated for
this to work.

David Strauss
Four Kitchens
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