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From Roland Hänel <>
Subject Re: Ring management and load balance
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2010 07:02:50 GMT
Sorry for the last mail,  hit the wrong button.  This JMX property gives a
per-CF granularity, right?

I think it doesn't solve the problem completely here because the problem of
key load-balancing effectively demands for a per-key granularity. But this
could help statistical sampling.


26.03.2010 22:29 schrieb am "Rob Coli" <>:

On 3/26/10 1:36 PM, Roland Hänel wrote:
> If I was going to write such a tool: do you think the th...
The JMX interface exposes an Attribute which seems appropriate to this use.
It is called "TotalDiskSpaceUsed," and is available on a per-columnfamily
basis. Given a CF called "Users" in a Keyspace called "MyKeyspace", it is
accessible at :


Unfortunately, I have yet to document the per-CF "ColumnFamilyStores" and
"Caches" JMX interface Attributes and Operations, including this one. But
when I do so, I will do it here :


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