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From Christopher Brind <>
Subject Re: Frustrations installing Cassandra on Windows
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2010 09:26:24 GMT
I don't know if there's some difference between building on Mac and Windows,
but I just tried building from the latest git repo and that was fine.

I also downloaded and built the 0.6 src tar ball from
 and that was fine too.

Now you know you have Java and Ant setup properly, try removing your .ivy2
folder ( C:\Users\rwilson\.ivy2 )  and just running ant (don't specify a
target).  The build script seems to do all the retrieve stuff, so you
shouldn't need to do that manually.


On 24 March 2010 02:49, Raymond Wilson <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been looking at using Cassandra as a distributed database for use
> in our server software, which runs on Windows.
> This afternoon I've been trying to get Cassandra installed and running.
> Actually installing Cassandra was pretty easy, at least in the steps of
> "Download it, setup CASSANDRA_HOME and fiddle with the storage
> configuration file", however getting it to run has not been so easy.
> Admittedly, this is my first ever attempt at installing and running this
> system, so I'm a sort of monkey tester here ;)
> Here's a brief run-down of the issues I ran into trying out Cassandra
> 6.0 Beta 3, after installing Java 6 u18 and Cassandra itself (following
> the instructions in,
> which may be out of date)
> 1. On running Cassandra, I get messages about the system not being able
> to locate a path. Eventually figure out that JAVA_HOME needs to point to
> a location in the [Program files]\Java folder, rather that location
> itself (newbie error)
> 2. After configuring JAVA_HOME correctly, I get errors that the new
> logging jar can't be found. I realise I skipped the 'Ant ivy-retrieve'
> step in the instructions. So I download and install Ant, configure
> ANT_HOME and run it.
> 3. I then run Ant ivy-retrieve. Oops, Tools.jar is not present. After
> some Googling I determine that I need the JAVA JDK, rather than the JRE
> to run it. (If this is a BETA, why does it need the JDK, surely the JRE
> alone is sufficient?) I then download and install JDK 6v18 and update my
> JAVA_HOME path.
> 4. I then run Ant ivy-retrieve again. It starts running (great), then
> fails with a generic error trying to get the ivy-2.1.0.jar file. I
> copied the URL into Google which promptly downloaded it, so I'm not sure
> what's wrong there. I copied the ivy-2.1.0.jar file into the build
> folder and tried again
> 5. I then run Ant ivy-retrieve again, Success (sort of). The ant job
> complains it can't get the file, then notices it's there after all and
> proceeds to start building. That fails horribly with many error messages
> in the command window.
> 6. I ran it again and captured the output (attached to the email). This
> explains that lots of things couldn't be resolved.
> Does anyone have a step-by-step, soup to nuts, from ground zero, list of
> instructions to get Cassandra installed and running on a clean windows
> system?
> As a suggestion, is it worth considering producing Cassandra builds that
> contain all the peripheral bits and pieces it relies on (essentially
> running the 'ant ivy-retrieve' command and bundling up the results as a
> single download/install) so that clueless newbie users like me have a
> better chance getting this running?
> Thanks,
> Raymond.

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