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From Michael Pearson <>
Subject PHP/TBinaryProtocolAccelerated I64 timestamp (microtime) issue
Date Sat, 20 Feb 2010 03:57:06 GMT
Hi, is anyone else using thrift/php TBinaryProtocolAccelerated
( call?  It doesn't look to be sending timestamps
correctly (casting as signed int 32)  no such issue with


generating 13 digit cassandra_Column->timestamp via microtime()

insert() via TBinaryProtocol :

  cassandra> get Keyspace1.Standard1['PandraTest_Dim3']
  => (column=column1, value=TEST DATA, timestamp=1266635621757)

... which is fine

insert() via TBinaryProtocolAccelerated/thrift_protocol_write_binary  :

  cassandra> get Keyspace1.Standard1['PandraTest_Dim33']
  => (column=column1, value=TEST DATA, timestamp=-379667704)

... using different keys there, as the 'new' timestamp written with
thrift_protocol_write_binary is negative and therefore never seen.

Keen to see if anyone else has experienced this behaviour, I can
confirm most recent thrift has been pulled and installed from svn.



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