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From shiv shivaji <>
Subject Anti-compaction Diskspace issue even when latest patch applied
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 09:09:27 GMT
For about 6TB of  total data size with a replication factor of 2 (6TB x 2) on a five node cluster,
I see about 4.6 TB on one machine (due to potential past problems with other machines). The
machine has a disk of 6TB. 

The data folder on this machine has 59,289 files totally 4.6 TB. The files are the data, filter
and indexes. I see that anti-compaction is running. I applied a recent patch which does not
do anti-compaction if disk space is limited. I still see it happening. I have also called
nodetool loadbalance on this machine. Seems like it will run out of disk space anyway.

The machine diskspace consumed are: (Each machine has a 6TB hard-drive on RAID).

Machine Space Consumed
M1    4.47 TB       
M2    2.93 TB       
M3    1.83 GB
M4    56.19 GB
M5    398.01 GB

How can I force M1 to immediately move its load to M3 and M4 for instance (or any other machine).
The nodetool move command moves all data, is there a way instead to force move 50% of data
to M3 and the remaining 50% to M4 and resume anti-compaction after the move?

Thanks, Shiv
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