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From Sébastien Pierre <>
Subject Re: Cassandra to store logs as a list
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2010 21:44:32 GMT
Hmmm, but the only thing that is not clear is how I would store a lot of
values for the same key ? With redis, I was using keys like
"campaign:<campaign_id>:<YYYY><MM><DD>" to store a *list* of JSON-serialized
log info, and the list could scale to litteraly millions of entries. From my
understanding, Cassandra can only store 1 value per (colum key, field)
couple, doesn't it ?

 -- Sébastien

2010/1/20 Brandon Williams <>

> 2010/1/20 Sébastien Pierre <>
>> Hi Mark,
>> The most common query would be basically "get all the logs for this
>> particular day (and campaign)" or "get all the logs since this particular
>> time stamp (and campaign)", where everything would be aggregated by
>> "campaign id" (it's for an ad server).
>> In this case, would using a key like the following improve balancing:
>> "campaign:<HEX_PADDED_CAMPAIGN_ID>:<NANOTIMESTAMP>" ? Also, if I add
>> prefix (like "campaign:<HEX_PADDED_CAMPAIGN_ID>:"), would the key have to
>> be UTF8Type instead of TimeUUIDType ?
> If this is your only query, then you don't need an OPP and don't have to
> worry about balancing with the RandomPartitioner.  I would make the keys
> something between "campaign_id:<year>"  and
> "capaign_id:<year>:<month>:<day>:<hour>" depending on how much
volume you
> expect, so as not not overload a row.
> -Brandon

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