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From S├ębastien Pierre <>
Subject Cassandra to store logs as a list
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2010 20:36:14 GMT
Hi there !

I only looked briefly at Cassandra, and I would like to know how good it
would be at storing logs. I've been using Redis and its LIST structure to
store JSON-encoded log info, in the following fashion:

redis["site:0"] = ["{'visitor':1,'referer':'http://
...'}", "{'visitor':1,'referer':'http://...'}]

The problem is that the volume of logs is quite big, and would quickly
exhaust the memory on the server and kill performance -- which is why I'm
looking at Cassandra. Hence this question:
would it be possible to store multiple (ordered) values for the same key in
Cassandra ?

Thanks !

 -- S├ębastien

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