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From Ted Zlatanov <>
Subject Re: "easy" interface to Cassandra
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 15:25:04 GMT
On Sun, 10 Jan 2010 11:16:20 +0000 Mark Robson <> wrote: 

MR> I can't see any reason to make an "easy" Cassandra interface, as the Thrift
MR> interface isn't really very difficult.

Compare this (this is what the "easy" interface would look like in Java,
wrapped in try/catch of course):

EasyCassandra client = new EasyCassandra("cassandraserver", "thekeyspace");
Map latest = client.get(new String[] { "row1" }, "Values/<-1>[]");

to the equivalent Thrift calls to connect to the server, specify you
want row "row1", supercolumn family "Values", last supercolumn, and get
all the columns as a Map.  I think this interface is significantly

MR> In any case the main problems with Cassandra will be design ones, i.e.
MR> figuring out how to use it effectively in your application. No "Easy"
MR> library is going to make that easier.

I agree that learning how to use Cassandra effectively is an issue, but
constructing the API calls is pretty laborious.  Especially in Perl it's
unnecessarily painful in my experience.  I think this presents a barrier
to adoption.

For my work, the "easy" interface has shortened my code, allowed me to
write quick one-liners for targeted data extraction, and enabled me to
experiment with Cassandra more freely.

If no one else sees value in it, I'll keep the "easy" interface as a
Perl module and release on CPAN.  Can I get some more opinions?


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