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From Richard Grossman <>
Subject Re: Advise for choice
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 07:31:33 GMT
First Thanks to all your answer it's help to really check  all the aspects.

   - In fact the system we want to build have to manage a lot of data but
   not in an heavy transactional way. Solr can handle the data but doesn't have
   the distributed way to serve it. But it's always possible to just duplicate
   the data in my case. then we can load balancing the queries between multiple
   instance server.

   - We load a large set of data once a week and that all this data are
   going to be used as his without modification or update or delete. In this
   point load the data into Solr is very easy because we make a csv file and
   that's it it's inside.

   - The data need to be structured but not like a relational
   database. Obviously Solr doesn't fit the data structure required. it force
   us to de-normalize a lot of data and build like a very very big table it's
   force us also to build very difficult lucene query.

   - The speed to query for data is critical cause the application is
   internet oriented we hope a lot of queries / minutes. With this point the
   problem is that with the same amount of data Solr have been faster than
   cassandra but of course the data structure is not the same.

It seems by the end we'll go as Tatu tell to have an hybrid solution mixing
Solr and Cassandra. I'm not sure its the best in our case


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