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From Ramzi Rabah <>
Subject Potential problem with 0.5 branch (Possibly in gossiping?)
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 15:59:13 GMT
I just recently upgraded to latest in 0.5 branch, and I am running
into a serious issue. I have a cluster with 4 nodes, rackunaware
strategy, and using my own tokens distributed evenly over the hash
space. I am writing/reading equally to them at an equal rate of about
230 reads/writes per second(and cfstats shows that). The first 3 nodes
are seeds, the last one isn't. When I start all the nodes together at
the same time, they all receive equal amounts of reads/writes (about
When I bring node 4 down and bring it back up again, node 4's load
fluctuates between the 230 it used to get to sometimes no traffic at
all. The other 3 still have the same amount of traffic. And no errors
what so ever seen in logs. Any ideas what can be causing this
fluctuation on node 4 after I restarted it?

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