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From Ted Zlatanov <>
Subject Perl interface alpha 0.01
Date Mon, 28 Dec 2009 16:42:43 GMT
There are some TODO items and I can probably optimize the code so it
doesn't use multiget_slice() for everything.  Also the code to retrieve
all row keys and all the super columns (when they are more than the
usual 100 limit) is hacky.  Nevertheless, this is IMHO about 10x easier
to use than the auto-generated Perl modules, and 5x easier than
Net::Cassandra on CPAN.

You'll need Moose, Class::Accessor, Parse::RecDescent and Hash::Merge
from CPAN, plus all the Thrift auto-generated Perl code.

For those who are interested, the grammar generates all the parameters
for removals and insertions on the fly as it parses the specification.
It wasn't as easy to generate read parameters on the fly so I
post-generate those from the parse tree.

Consider this an alpha, released for public testing before I upload it
to CPAN in a week or two.  I would appreciate any suggestions or
comments, especially on the grammar and API usage.


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