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From Brian Burruss <>
Subject RE: another OOM
Date Sat, 19 Dec 2009 00:27:46 GMT
i am simulating load by using two virtual machines (on separate boxes than the servers) each
running an app that spawns 12 threads; 6 threads doing reads and 6 threads doing writes. 
so i have a total of 12 read threads, and 12 write threads.  between each thread's operation
it waits 10ms.  the write threads are writing a 2k block of data, and the read threads are
reading what is written so every read should return data.  right now i'm seeing about 800
ops/sec total throughput for all clients/servers.  if i take the 10ms delay out, of course
it will go faster but seems to burden cassandra too much.

we are trying to prove that cassandra can run and sustain load.  we are planning a 10TB system
that needs to handle about 10k ops/sec.

for my tests i have two machines for servers, each with 16G RAM, 600G 10k SCSI drive, 2x 2-core
CPU (total 4 cores per machine).  starting JVM with -Xmx6G.  the network is 100Mbits.  (this
is not how the cluster would look in prod, but it's all the hardware i have until first of

cluster contains ~126,281,657 data elements using about 298G on one node's disk

i don't have the commitlog on a separate drive yet.

during normal operation, i see the following:

- memory is staying fairly low for the size of data, low enough where i didn't monitor it,
but i believe it was less than 3G.
- "global" read latency creep up slightly as reported by StorageProxy.
- "round trip time on the wire" as reported by my client creeps up at a steeper slope then
"global" read latency.  so there is a discrepancy somewhere with the stats - i have added
another JMX data point to cassandra to measure the overall time spent in cassandra -  but
i got to get the servers started again to see what it reports ;)

using node 1 and node 2, simulating a crash of node 1 using kill -9:

- node 1 was OOM'ing when trying to restart after a crash, but this seems fixed.  it is staying
cool and quiet
- node 2 is now OOM'ing during restart of node 1.  memory steadily grows.  last thing i see
in log is "Starting up server gossip" until OOM

what bothers me the most is not that i'm getting an OOM, but i can't predict when i'll get
it.  the fact that restarting a failed node requires more than double the "normal operating"
RAM is a bit of a worry.

not sure what else to tell you at the moment.  lemme know what i can provide so we can figure
this out.


From: Jonathan Ellis []
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 3:49 PM
Subject: Re: another OOM

It sounds like you're simply throwing too much load at Cassandra.
Adding more machines can help.  Look at for how to track metrics
that will tell you how much is "too much."

Telling us more about your workload would be useful in sanity checking
that hypothesis. :)


On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 4:34 PM, Brian Burruss <> wrote:
> this time i simulated node 1 crashing, waited a few minutes, then restarted it.  after
a while node 2 OOM'ed.
> same 2 node cluster with RF=2, W=1, R=1.  i up'ed the RAM to 6G this time.
> cluster contains ~126,281,657 data elements containing about 298G on one node's disk
> thx!

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