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From Daniel Lundin <>
Subject TimeUUID Partitioning
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 12:48:17 GMT
I'm pondering order preservation and TimeUUID keys, in particular how to
get distribution across the cluster while maintaining "rangeability".

Basically, I'm working on a logging app, where rows are TimeUUIDs. To be
able to do range scans we're using OrderPreservingPartitioner.

To get partitioning working, I've currently transformed keys, prepending
a partitioning token (in my testcase, the day-of-week).
Basically, this means two range queries to get data for a set spanning
two days. Crude, but kinda works, and the specialization is alright for
my case. But it feels a bit hackish, so I begun studying the partitioner
code a bit, seeking enlightenment.

Has anybody already spent energy + time thinking about generic TimeUUID
partitioning? Seems like it could be a useful thing, since time series
data is quite common.

Perhaps a TimeUUIDPartitioner with configurable time resolution for
tokenization (token = uuid.time % resolution, more or less) would be

Or could it be even more general, i e no configuration necessary?


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