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From "" <>
Subject Inserting SuperColumns from Java
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2009 23:39:47 GMT
I'm working on a project in Java using Cassandra, and I'm trying to 
implement SuperColumns into the program. The problem is that I really 
don't know how to insert a SuperColumn into Cassandra. I can create the 
SuperColumn with the list of Columns but I really don't know where to go 
from there:       

        Column ageColumn = new Column("age".getBytes(), 
ageString.getBytes(), timestamp);
        Column emailAddressColumn = new Column("email".getBytes(), 
emailAddress.getBytes(), timestamp);
        Column firstNameColumn = new Column("firstName".getBytes(), 
firstName.getBytes(), timestamp);
        Column lastNameColumn = new Column("lastName".getBytes(), 
lastName.getBytes(), timestamp);
        List<Column> userColumnList = new ArrayList<Column>();
        SuperColumn userInfo = new SuperColumn("user".getBytes(), 

After this code I have an insert method, but at the moment the only 
thing I can get it to do with the SuperColumn is take the list and loop 
through and insert each of them:

      for (Column c : columnList) {
            ColumnPath cp = new ColumnPath(getColumnFamily(), 
superColumn.getBytes(), c.getName());
            client.insert("Keyspace1", id, cp, c.value, timestamp, 

I'm new at Cassandra so for all I know I'm barking up the wrong tree, 
but I'm trying to avoid making multiple calls to Cassandra to insert one 
atomic value. The goal for me is to have the values for a User inserted 
at once to avoid performance issues and data corruption.


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