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From Paul Brown <>
Subject StorageService versus Thrift interface?
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 00:35:50 GMT
I'm making some design decisions about using the
StorageService/StorageProxy and Thrift interface approaches, and it
looks like there are some moving pieces to consider.  (Someone should
update or remove the example on the wiki, as it no longer applies to
the API as shipped in 0.5.0.)

The StorageService/StorageProxy approach looks appealing, but it also
had a few things that I have at least aesthetic objections to
(promotion of IOException to IOError, System.exit(), static
singletons, etc.).

What are people in the Java space using?  What's the intended future
for StorageService/StorageProxy versus Thrift API access?

Thanks in advance.

-- Paul

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