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From Jiri Jakes <>
Subject How to obtain a row with column map
Date Sat, 19 Dec 2009 21:45:51 GMT
Hello, all!

As a newcomer, I am doing some experiments with Cassandra running on a
single node. While I have been reading about Cassandra I thought that
this task would be quite common but now I am trying to write some code
as well.

Assume this situation: I have a column family 'Comments', the key
is an article identifier, super columns of TimeUUIDs, subcolumns like
'author', 'email', 'www', 'text' etc. Now I would like to obtain a
single row, iterate through the super columns and for each super
column extract the values of its subcolumns. The problem is that the
Thrift interface returns only _lists_ of columns so I cannot do
anything like:

row = getRow("article-identifier");
foreach(superColumn : row.getSuperColumns()) {

How can I do this? Or is my approach just quite odd at all (let's say --
too "relational")?

Thank you.


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